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August 24, 2007

Grandmaster Robert Law

Geijin Ryu

Toronto , Ont


Dear Grandmaster:


I'm writing this so that everyone, both your students and prospective students, will know how grateful I am to you for correcting my spinal

alignment and bulging disc problem.


For many moths before I came to you with growing numbness in my right leg plus severe back pains, doctors told me that I needed surgery to

correct the problem. I was also told there were risks attendant to this surgery. Because I was worried about suffering permanent injury, I spoke

to several people who had various back surgeries and was unable to find anyone who had substantively improved their situation.


As a freelance technical and fiction writer, I am essentially a small business owner, and aside from my twin problems of deteriorating mobility and

increasing levels of pain, the doctors I consulted told me that I would likely be down for over a month recuperating. Since I am entirely responsible

for all my writing, there would be no one else to cover my income requirements during that period. In other words, if I'm down for either debilitating

condition of a recovery period, my income stops.


When you offered to help me, I had no idea what to expect but now that you have completely eliminated all pain in my back and I have regained full

sensation in my right leg, I want everyone to know both how grateful I am to you personally and how ipressed I am as your student with the extent of

your knowledge. In fifteen minutes time you corrected the back problem that I had suffered and agonized for months.


Anyone who has suffered sever back pain and numbness in their legs will understand just how amazing your intervention was, and what a wonderfull

difference that it would make in a person's day to day life, and why I am so grateful for your help.


My doctor was both surprised and shocked at what you were able to do for me, and ease with which you accomplished it. I share with him that you

have spent a lifetime in studying both practical and arcane aspects of human physiology, and the high level of trust and respect that I have for you and

your skill.


Thank you grandmaster for making my life better,






Rick Moore

Detroit , MI , USA