February 23, 2008 To Whom It May Concern, After training one night, I was running for the subway and I

jumped from six steps up. I landed awkwardly on the side of my foot. Needless to say, it felt like I broke my foot.

I went to the emergency department where they X-rayed my foot and thankfully no bones were broken.

The doctor splinted the injury and bandaged my leg from foot to knee in order to immobilize it. I was instructed

to rest the injured limb for six weeks and I was given crutches. At the next class Grandmaster Law asked me

what had happened as I hobbled in on crutches. When I told him what happened, he told me that I should

get rid of the bandage as it was an impediment to healing. My leg had extensive bruising, with it being deep

purple from my foot to knee when the bandage was removed. He then proceeded to manipulate and massage

my injured leg. Although it was extremely painful, Grandmaster law continued with what he was doing for

about half an hour. I was thoroughly amazed by what happened at the end of the session. The discolouration

in my leg disappeared and the pain was no longer present. I was able to walk out that day without my crutches.

I want to share my experience of Grandmaster Law's profound knowledge of the natural world. In my specific

instance, it was his knowledge of healing, which far exceeded that of "modern" medicine. I have witnessed with

my own eyes healing that he performed on other students of ailments that "modern" medicine deemed incurable,

that required surgical intervention. What I experienced was merely the "tip of the iceberg." In conclusion, I want

to say that Grandmaster Law has extensive gifts to offer modern society, attributes that today's civilization deems

to be no longer relevant. We have forgotten or rejected much of the older traditions that were integral parts of

more elevated civilizations. I believe the art of Ninjutsu can bring about a new renaissance. With Appreciation,


Alfred Sit