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Do not attempt any techniques or methods illustrated/described in this book. They can result in serious injury or death to an untrained user. The purpose of this book is to give people an idea of the authentic art of Ninjutsu and the art of ancient Japan, which is taught by Grandmaster Law. All pictures included in this volume take parts from other different techniques to show their effectiveness and practicality. Each technique is not demonstrated in full to eliminate people from mimicking and injuring themselves or others. Also giving away too much of the art will leave nothing left for people to explorer and discover. This is the real art of the ninja (unlike other schools that claim to teach real Ninjutsu) and not a bunch of different This art is composed of eighteen levels. Each pupil must complete 9 sessions (35 techniques multiplied by each session) before attempting their first level. As each level is reached, the number of techniques (315 techniques in each level) increases with every level (315 multiplied by each numbered level) to reach a total of 5,620 techniques by the eighteenth level or mastery. This is not accurate as the number of techniques by master level far exceeds the total 5,620 and is endless. This art and these techniques should only be practiced/performed under a skilled and well trained master who can properly explain (purpose and effects), teach and understands the human body/anatomy. Without the proper frame of mind and discipline, continuous exposure to fighting techniques can lead to ruin, instead of self development. Thank you for your interest and we hope that you enjoy discovering more about this misunderstood and fascinating art dated back to ancient times. Once more, we hope to leave people with a better understanding of this captivating art and all of its benefits on a person's everyday life.


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Learn the Training Skills and Practical Applications Intended for Actual use in Combat, Self Defense and Survival by GrandMaster Robert Law

Follow the teaching methods and systems of GrandMaster Robert Law

Get a rare inside perspective and insights from an authentic Ninja Grandmaster!!



"The art of Ninjutsu simply put is a skill acquired through much training.  It is the art of learning not to succumb to intimidation, whether in the form of fears, threats or violence.  It is the knowledge, wisdom and ability of learning how to live peacefully with ourselves"

-Grandmaster R. Law


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