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Frequently asked questions:


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Q. Do you provide regular training?

A. Yes, we have various dojo, where one can train on a regular basis. The North American dojos are located in Cleveland, Ohio and Toronto, Ontario.


Q. What is the difference between the camp and the academies?

A. The academies are dojo's that one can train regularly throught the week. The camps are a one or two year events. The camps are hosted by the Grandmaster himself and are a three day event, consisting of outdoor indoor and outdoor training.


Q. What is the meaning of Geijin Ryu?



The Meaning of Geijin


The first ideogram has multiple meanings according to the context in which it is used. It has nothing to do with “Gai” as in the derogatory word for foreigner in Japanese “Gaijin”.

GEI can mean to glare at angrily, or scowl at metaphorically meaning malice. It can also mean to look in on, peep, watch or spy on. In yet another context is refers to the setting sun, alluding to the night and the end of life.



The second ideogram translates approximately as a god or gods. Bearing in mind the animistic Japanese belief in “kami” or spirits and there being multiple gods. So it is not the monotheistic god in the Judeo-Christian sense of the word.




Together, the meaning is layered in metaphor; it is thought to mean “the all seeing gods” or the Ninja ideal of “seeing with the eyes of god”. Referring to themselves as gods, or god-like the Ninja are not being grandiose; instead they are naming the ideal to which they strive. It implies their enemies are helpless against them, and that they can see what ordinary people cannot. The second ideal implies the intimate knowledge gained from espionage and at the same time the Ninja's profound knowledge about human nature. The idea of being glared at or scowled at means that the eyes that are watching are angry and dangerous, and the setting of the sun implies dying. Dying and meeting the (possibly angry) gods, is yet another interpretation, that of “going to hell” and “welcoming or being welcomed by the gods.


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