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 29th Grandmaster of Yoshin Mijji Ryu

119th Grandmaster of Geijin Ryu

Head of over 20 Sub-Group Clans

The following are just some of many arts the Grandmaster has attained Soke, Grandmastership in...


    • Ninpo-taijutsu (Ninja hand to hand)
    • Taihenjutsu (Art of body movment)
    • Dakentaijutsu (Art of Body Striking)
    • jutaijutsu (Art of grappling and ground fighting)
    • bojutsu (Art of the Full staff)
    • hanbojutsu (Art of the Half staff)
    • ninja ken-po (Art of the art of swordsmanship)
    • kenjutsu (Art of Sword fighting)
    • taito-jutsu (Art of the tanto (knife))
    • shurikan-jutsu (Art of using and thorwing the Shirkan)
    • kasari-jutsu (Art of Chain and rope)
    • kyoke-jutsu (Art of Kyoketsu Shoge)
    • kusiragama (Art of Kusarigama)
    • te'ppo (Art of Guns)
    • ninki (Art of Ninja tools and small weapns)
    • fukiya (art of the blow gun)
    • heiho (Art of martial principles)
    • gotopo (Art of Escape)
    • nin-po nikkyo (Art of Spirirtual Development)
    • yari-jutsu (Art of Spear)
    • naginata jutsu (Art of the Naginata)
    • ba-jutsu (Art of Horsemanship)
    • sui-ren (Art of Water combat
    • shinibi-iri (Art of Penetrating Structures)
    • henso jutsu (Art of Disgiuse and Impersonation)
    • cho-ho (Art of Espionage)
    • bo-ryaku (Art of Stradegy)
    • inton jutsu (Art of Concealment and camouflage)
    • Hojojutsu (Art of rope tying, knots and binding)


Although his life and training is not necessarily open to the general public - the seminar and trainng invites you and the general public to a very rare opportunity to train with one the few authentic Ninja Grandmasters remaining worldwide.


“There are no doubt people who think that even to be practicing material arts will not prove useful when a real need arises. As far as that is concerned; the true way of Martial Arts is to practice in such a way that they will be useful at any time, and to teach them in such a way that they will be useful in all things.”

-Grandmaster Robert Law


Grandmaster Robert Law was raised

in the Ninja art giving him a  lifetime

of experience.  He has hosted several

training camps and has had 

numerous articles published about the

 training camps. 






  • The Grandmaster brings over 50 years of teaching experience working with special task forces, law enforcement, criminology and military and security agencies across the globe.

  • The Grandmaster has taught and continues to teach students of all ages, backgrounds and sexes, including those with physical disabilities.

  • The grandmaster has also collaborated with rape crisis centers to assist in the counseling and instruction of raped and battered women.



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Has the Ninja art been comericalized over the years?

read an interesting article by David T. Suzuki

part of the article below...

It was a time of Ninja Summits, Shinobi Training Camps, Tai Kais, and innumerable other ninjutsu-related events that spanned the globe.

Despite the predictable petty politics, everything was fine for a long time until, inevitably, Hollywood media whores and greedy martial artists combined forces to impugn the credibility, and end the growth, of ninjutsu. Golan-Globus studios, for example, produced opportunistic films that earned their owners untold wealth while trivializing the concepts of the ninja's art. Illiterate writers, such as Eric Von Lustbader and Ashida Kim, hacked out reams of gibberish while "revealing" to the world their (grossly misinformed) understanding of ninjutsu.

Ninjutsu's downward spiral was not helped by the fact that one Grandmaster, Masaaki Hatsumi, began evaluating black belt candidates via video and awarding elevated ranks as quickly as the checks came in and the assembly line could crank the credentials out. Nor by te fact that one of his senior students, Richard Van Dork, currently sells a "Black Belt Home Study Course for only $379.95." These and other damning commercial practices bring a new meaning to the idea of a ninja as "the enemy within."

Of course (as I well know) over time, trends, goals, and priorities change. Stephen Hayes, once the American spokesman for the Bujinkan system, diverged from ninjutsu to pursue Peyton Quinn-type training. Robert Bussey, another former boojie, first reinvented himself as the head of Warrior International, and more recently works for an organization that offers protective services. Other less-known but similarly prominent ninjutsu instructors have likewise hung up their hoods to pursue alternate directions. (I find it darkly ironic that they all purported to practice "the art of perseverance," a common translation of the term "ninjutsu.") All this is why I was pleased to discover that Loriega-sensei has persevered and continued expanding in art of ninjutsu.

each a student weaponry until he has advanced to the dan level. (This happens because either the instructor lacks the knowledge or is deliberately withholding it to prolong the student's training.) The dojo places too much importance on fighting techniques and hardly any on strategy and tactics. They forget, or never learned, that if a ninja finds himself in a situation where he's compelled to fight, he has failed as a ninja.






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He has been an active member of the Ninja teaching community for over 50 years...


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 FROM NINJA MAGAZINE- A publication circulating in the 80's



Grandmaster Law has been involved with international government and law enforcement agencies for over 50 years


Special Forces - Page 2


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The Grandmaster has also collaborated with rape crisis centers to assist in the counseling and instruction of raped and battered woman




Pictues taken at a Demostration for City TV's Breakfeast Television:

Fall 2000


Pictues with the Blue Jays Cheerleaders



The grandmaster preforming an throw


 FROM NINJA MAGAZINE- A publication circulating in the 80's






"The art of Ninjutsu simply put is a skill acquired through much training.  It is the art of learning not to succumb to intimidation, whether in the form of fears, threats or violence.  It is the knowledge, wisdom and ability of learning how to live peacefully with ourselves"

- Grandmaster R. Law