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(some clips take a momnet to download: Please be patient)










Clips from the 2008 Camp:

CLIP #1 - click here to open

CLIP #2 - Click here to Open

CLIP #3 - Click here to Open

CLIP #4 - Click here to Open




Defense against Hand gun#2

Similar to the previous one but with different foot work and a different throw, again ending with control of the gun


Staff work vs the knife

The grandmaster showing only the staff work technique against a forward knife thrust


Hand Throw #1

Hand Throw#2

Here the Grandmaster throws a person you the slightest touch. In fact he does not "grab" the person a all.


Grab Throw

The Grandmaster performing a throw while at the same time avoiding the attack.


Knife on Ground#1

Knife on Ground#2

Rarely performed or taught knife on the ground techniques



Foot work#1

Foot work#2

Foot work#3

The Gransmaster Performing various Foot work techniques, some consiting of counters against a kick with a throw, some using his feet work only to drop the attacker



Staff Technique

Another staff technique, using the staff to lock and thow the attacker



Coming soon...Techniques conducted while sitting on a chair




Staff Work: Here the attacker attacks with a staff as a weapon. Note that the attacker is pinned and locked by the very weapon he used against the defender. Note: Staff is used to pin and lock (as in other arts, this weapon is usually used to hit and strike only )

Clips from the

OHIO academy:

Staff work Clip#1

Staff work clip#2


New Clips!!:

Counters and escapes from Chokes and head locks: Here the defender escapes a hold withoout using strength, or strugling. Furthermore, the defender controls and locks the attecker in for final blows or finish offs.

Front Head Lock Escape #1

Head lock #1

Escape #2

Escape #3 (coming very soon)



Clips from the '06 Camp

Modern Weapons: the first 4 clips are techniques with modern weapons. Note that the techniques have both persons fighting with the weapons, as appose to just one, which is what is usually taught.

Clip #1 - Mechete vs Mechete techniques (2005 camp)

-This clip has various techniques from an actual test.



Clip #2 - Mechete vs Mechete techniques(2005 camp)

-This clip has various techniques from an actual test.



Clips from the Toronto Academy:

Clip #3 - Knife against knife (academies) NOW PLAYING




Multiple opponents: Here the techniques end with the person restratining and controling the multiple opponents - not just hiting them-rarely taught!

Clip #3 - mulitiple opponents (academies)



Ground work techniques: Notice the lack of strength used in this technique and how the attacker is locked with access to vital neck area


Clip #3 - ground work (academies)


More Clips Coming soon...


Hand to hand



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