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Below are some pictures taken at the 2002 International Ninja Training Camp, interspersed with comments from attendees. Please note that this only reflects a small amount of what was practiced at the summit.

"Even though I have no knowledge of ninjutsu, this experience allowed me to feel how universal it is. The techniques are so quick and precise, I truly admire the skill. People perceive the ninja as illusion and opened my eyes to how much I don't know about them, and how brilliant they are."

— INTC 2002 attendee

The grandmaster demonstrating anti-carjacking techniques:

"The training has covered a vast amount of areas and I can see many variations within my art (Aikido). I like the small one-to-one training..."

— INTC 2002 attendee

Again... deadly and effective anti-carjacking techniques:


"Ninja camp training covered subjects unknown to most outside police services. My rating is five stars for all areas covered!"

— INTC 2002 attendee

A female student conducting her test which was graded by the Grandmaster himself:

"...Very informative, enjoyed the varied techniques. I've read about different styles but enjoyed the physical experience."

— INTC 2002 attendee

Students learning and practicing to throw various weapons:

"...From day one I was blown away; it was more than I expected. I found that all the techniques are very practical and easy to do once done right. It's too bad it's not longer and is only once a year..."

— INTC 2002 attendee

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